Tissot breaks new paths with the high-concept Chemin des Tourelles campaign

Tissot breaks new paths with the high-concept Chemin des Tourelles campaign

Tissot breaks new paths with the high-concept Chemin des Tourelles campaign

Tissot breaks new paths with the high-concept
Chemin des Tourelles campaign

Le Locle, March, 2023. Tissot has just released a powerful campaign to announce the arrival of the new Chemin des Tourelles collection. The high-end campaign is defined by graphic, arresting visuals that capture the codes and dynamics of contemporary luxury and style. It’s full of sharp contrasts, runs to a highly charged tempo and assumes a challenging, confident posture.

This is the new Chemin des Tourelles.

Two sides to the story

Going deeper, the campaign concept tells the story of the duality hard-wired into the new Chemin des Tourelles collection. In every dimension, there are two sides to the story: the collection is black and white, male and female, large and small, polished and brushed, classic and modern, tangible and yet somehow tantalisingly beyond our grasp. So too the campaign. And like a mechanical wristwatch that is beautiful whether viewed from the dial side or through a sapphire case back, and that propels its hands through a full 360 degrees, the visuals rotate, mirroring the duality in the fabric and spirit of the new models. The result is a high-end, high-energy, highly memorable campaign. 

For the contemporary watch buyer

Today’s watch consumer is defined by their agility. They are like a chameleon, moving seamlessly through the contrasts. Because of this, a watch designed for one moment, style or personality doesn’t cut it any more. Tissot created the new Chemin des Tourelles to be versatile and to serve as an all-day companion, not just a sometime accessory, and to be familiar, yet stand out from the crowd. This purposeful, multi-angle duality is the story of the watch and the campaign.

Breaking new paths

The Chemin des Tourelles is Tissot’s classic, ageless wristwatch design, and the energy and non-conformity that fizz through the new campaign may feel unexpected, even counter-intuitive at first. But with the redesigned and relaunched Chemin des Tourelles, Tissot is aiming squarely at a progressive, hyper-aware consumer, who loves the marriage of timeless, dependable Swiss watchmaking and the unrestrained freedoms of contemporary style and design. Again, this is a story of duality.

Finding Tissot in the detail

Throughout the campaign there are quickly deciphered details that point back to Tissot, the 170-year-old Swiss watchmaker. The campaign contains flashes of red, the company’s signature colour. There are hints of blue too, recalling both previous Chemin des Tourelles campaigns, and the blue dials in the new collection. The glorious, vintage-inspired domed crystal of the new watches appears in one sequence, a symbol of Tissot’s worldview and global positioning. And through it all, there is the ambition, vision and pin-point relevance that has defined Tissot for generations.

Tissot’s Chemin des Tourelles: breaking new paths.


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