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Replacing a cell in a watch should be performed by an expert.

Expert tools and knowledge. With the correct tools and technique a watch battery replacement is often relatively straightforward. However, the novice without the proper tools and knowledge required, has a very high risk of ruining their timepiece. The inner workings of a watch are vulnerable to damage at the moment the watch is opened until the moment that it is closed again. Furthermore, without the proper tools to close the watch back there is risk of breaking the crystal, as well as rendering the watch back impossible to reinstall.


We have replaced batteries in watches from the most inexpensive fashion watch, to Swiss quartz watches worth many thousands of dollars

Resetting Watches


When you have your watch cell replaced at Gem Bijou, you can expect that in addition to having your watch start working again, it has also been reset to the correct time and date. Many watches today have special features that need to be reset after a battery is replaced. We realize that most people do not keep instructions for the operation of their watch handy, and so we take pride in doing this for you. For some watches this is not straightforward, and may require us to research the model number on your behalf. We have trained staff that are able to get your watch back on the right time and date. These watches are not considered a 'standard' watch and are generally not serviced "while you wait".
In particular we specialize in these watches; Chronograph Watches, as well as other perpetual calendar watches, Polar heart rate monitor exercise watches, world timer of all brands, atomic time watches that have not synchronized with the radio signal, digital watches (ie Casio brand), and talking watches.
What if my watch doesn't start?
All watches will eventually develop problems that cause them to malfunction, no longer keep accurate time, or completely stop. If this occurs, and a new replacement cell does not rectify the problem. We can advise you on further steps needed to restore your timepiece to working order.