The New Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze

Every wristwatch tells a story, becoming a memento of the encounters, adventures and turning points in the life of its wearer. That’s especially true of the military-inspired Khaki Field watches Hamilton has made over the decades.

The new Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze is the perfect watch to continue telling this story. Faithful to the spirit and style of the countless watches we made for U.S., British and other military forces from the 1940s onwards, its iconic design, uncompromising quality and discrete wearability have made it a firm favorite with collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

That’s why creating a bronze version of our archetypal soldiering watch, the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical, held such appeal for us: the material of military decorations and medals, bronze is also a metal with its own, unique storytelling property. The alloy we selected is ultra-resistant and robust and is also used in the marine industry for its anti-corrosive properties.

 As new, bronze’s deep, sunset tones convey a rugged, nostalgic warmth, quite unlike other watchmaking materials. However, over weeks and months of wear, things get more interesting: oxidation causes the bronze to slowly change, generating a textured patina that evolves uniquely for each piece.

 The three-hand dial, with a design originally laid out to military specifications, is rendered for this version in black, with ultra-legible luminescent markings and bronze-toned hands that hold steady as the case undergoes its transformation.

 Behind a titanium case-back, the H-50 movement, exclusively developed by Hamilton for our hand-wound watches, powers the Khaki Field Mechanical withmilitary precision. The extended power reserve of up to 80 hours means that the watch will keep running for over three days when fully wound.

Importantly, the lack of a winding rotor keeps the 38mm case both slim and lightweight, making this the easiest and most versatile of watches to wear. Paired with a high-grade leather strap, the Khaki Field Mechanical in bronze remains in every element the Hamilton watch for life out in the field, enhanced with the serendipitous charm of a case that will keep evolving its own character.

We’re proud to create a watch that carries forward once again the prestigious story of Hamilton’s award-wining military watchmaking, while writing a new chapter of its own.