Computron D-Cave is the ultimate watch for gamers and enthusiasts alike. The iconic timepiece from the 1970’s becomes the essential watch to up your style game with D-Cave in the digital age.‌
The Computron was reinterpreted for D-Cave evolving its original design by adding visual concepts inspired by the gaming ‌world, embracing the full spectra of the metaverse: endorsed by the world’s top gamers and presented in a dedicated space ‌in Decentraland, where users will be able to buy a wearable version to use on their avatars in Decentraland.‌
Stefano Rosso, Founder and CEO of D-Cave states, “We are very excited to have the opportunity to work on an iconic item like Bulova’s Computron and re-interpret it in a futuristic way, bridging the original physical item to its new virtual version. Metaverse is not a trend, it is a new way of living. Our physical life is and will be more and more integrated with our digital life.
And as in real life we want to express who we are also through the brands we love, the same will happen in the metaverse.”‌
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