Seiko 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

Seiko 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

When Kintaro Hattori founded his company in 1881, he was just 21 years old. During his fifty years at the helm, Seiko became the leading watch company in Japan, with its own design and production facilities. This achievement was a direct result of his single-minded vision that Seiko should always be “one step ahead of the rest”. 

His words resonate still and continue to inspire Seiko today. In celebration of Seiko’s 140th anniversary, Kintaro’s vision is now realized in a series of four limited edition watches that, together, show the range of Seiko’s watchmaking expertise, from automatic to GPS Solar.


Capturing the scene of the blue sky piercing through clouds,
the combination of the silvery-white dial with blue ties together the
watches from Seiko’s four representative collections.
Just as if sunlight spreads its glow throughout the sky,
the new creations inspire us to move toward a brighter future.