G-shock 40th Anniversary Flare Red

Special solar flare-inspired designs featured
on multicolour carbon-insert bezels

Introducing new watches to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1983 debut of G-SHOCK. These first two watches feature a solar flare theme. Designs evoking intensely blazing flares combine with the brand colour of red. This all-new look is achieved by making the bezels of layered carbon and coloured glass fibres, along with a phosphorescent material. The stunningly dynamic multicoloured design and the wondrously innovative glow-in-the-dark property of the material creates an altogether original worldview.
The G-SHOCK spirit of toughness is conveyed by evoking the dynamic energy and heat intensity of solar flares. Carbon and coloured glass fibres are laminated and hewn into bezel forms to produce random patterns. Meanwhile, use of glass fibre sheets containing phosphorescent particles creates stunning designs of wondrous glow-in-the-dark beauty.
Exact bezel patterns and phosphorescent hues will vary from watch to watch due to details of the manufacturing process. Forged carbon fibre, a composite material used in aircraft fuselages, is used to make the special pair of components at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. Carbon fibre and phosphorescent epoxy resin undergo high-temperature, high-pressure metallic moulding and cutting processes, followed by polishing and painting. While in bright light they retain their black appearance, in the dark they glow with solar flare patterns that match the bezel.
Pink gold IP is used for the bezel ring and rose gold IP for metal parts including the buckle, band loop, buttons, and crown. Black IP is applied to the case back. Different colour finishes applied to individual components evoke solar flares. A solar flare-inspired pattern is printed on the dial with clear toner. The dynamic face presents a unified look with the exterior design while maintaining dial viewability.