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RADO Florence Classic Diamonds R48915703
  • $1,500.00
RADO Florence Classic Diamonds R48914703
  • $1,500.00
RADO Florence Classic Diamonds R48913723
  • $1,450.00
RADO Florence Classic Diamonds R48913713
  • $1,350.00
RADO Florence Classic Diamonds R48913703
  • $1,450.00
RADO Florence Classic Diamonds R48912723
  • $1,450.00
RADO Florence Classic Diamonds R48912713
  • $1,350.00
RADO Florence Classic Diamonds R48912703
  • $1,450.00
RADO HyperChrome Classic Automatic R33101204
  • $2,700.00
RADO HyperChrome Classic Automatic R33100103
  • $2,800.00
RADO Captain Cook Automatic R32505318
  • $2,900.00
RADO HyperChrome R32502203
  • $1,500.00
RADO HyperChrome R32502153
  • $1,500.00
RADO Captain Cook Automatic R32500153
  • $2,500.00
RADO Captain Cook Automatic R32500013
  • $2,500.00
RADO HyperChrome Chronograph R32259203
  • $2,000.00
RADO Captain Cook Automatic R32138153
  • $2,900.00
RADO Captain Cook Automatic R32127162
  • $4,840.00
RADO HyperChrome Automatic UTC R32050203
  • $2,300.00
RADO HyperChrome Automatic UTC R32050153
  • $2,300.00
RADO HyperChrome Automatic UTC R32050103
  • $2,300.00
RADO Centrix Automatic R30940103
  • $1,600.00
RADO Centrix Automatic R30939103
  • $1,700.00
RADO Centrix R30932103
  • $1,300.00
RADO Centrix R30931103
  • $1,400.00
RADO Centrix Diamonds R30929712
  • $2,100.00
RADO Centrix R30927153
  • $1,300.00
RADO Centrix Automatic Diamonds Open Heart R30248902
  • $3,000.00
RADO Centrix Automatic Open Heart R30180162
  • $2,600.00
RADO True Automatic Diamonds R27107742
  • $3,100.00
RADO True Secret R27107152
  • $2,500.00
RADO True Square Automatic Open Heart R27073702
  • $3,800.00
RADO True Automatic R27056162
  • $2,100.00
RADO Coupole Classic Open Heart Automatic R22894153
  • $2,100.00
RADO Coupole Classic Automatic R22877165
  • $1,800.00
RADO Coupole Classic Automatic Diamonds R22865765
  • $2,200.00

Rado at Gem Bijou, Toronto

Rado is a Swiss watchmaking brand that has been offering a unique selection of watches and timepieces for over a century already. Among our list of notable and trusted brands for watches and jewellery, Rado is no exception to that list. We carry a curated collection of Rado watches, encompassing the entire spectrum of colours, styles, and models that Rado has to offer. Shop today for your authentic Rado timepiece from Gem Bijou jewellery store, Toronto.

Ceramic Rado Watches

Model specifications like ‘automatic,’ ‘quartz’, ‘gold’, and ‘stainless steel’ are among the most common ones when pointing out a specific style of watch. On top of all those classics, Rado offers a selection of state-of-the-art ceramic watches as well. Ceramic Rado timepieces are a work of art in themselves, being sleek, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. For almost 35 years, the scientists at Rado have been researching ceramics. This accumulated know-how and expertise can be seen in all of their high-tech ceramic goods, particularly their one-of-a-kind monobloc casings and extremely original high-tech ceramic wristbands, which come in a variety of forms.

Rado Timepieces for Everyone

At Gem Bijou, there isn’t a single person who won’t find the Rado timepiece of their dreams. Rado watches for women are designed for energetic, thoughtful, and confident women who appreciate the beauty and the finer things in life, making them ideal for special events and everyday use alike. Needless to say, you can find a large selection of men’s and unisex Rado watches that are the epitome of durability and confidence.