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Swarovski At Gem Bijou, Toronto

Gem Bijou is a specialized jewellery store located in the heart of Toronto that carries not only original pieces of luxurious jewellery and fashion jewellery, but accessories from an array of brands. Swarovski is no exception to that list. Seen something online and can’t find it in your local store? Our curated collections of only authentic Swarovski jewellery are waiting for you — or even to be gifted to someone special. We are constantly updating our collection of Swarovski sets along with separate pieces like earrings, necklaces, watches, pens, and more. 

The Perfect Gift — Swarovski Sets

If you didn’t know what was the perfect gift for a special someone in your life, then now you know that it can’t get any more ideal than a Swarovski set. What is it exactly? Swarovski offers a selection of crystal-encrusted jewellery pieces that all have a very similar design and are meant to be worn together. Swarovski necklace and earring sets are the most notable by the official brand and at Gem Bijou jewellery store, Toronto. These sets help you bedazzle your neck up to your ears which is essentially all you need to complete a look. Whether you decide to add more jewellery to the look is up to you, but a necklace and pair of earrings are often deemed as the essentials. 

How to Style Swarovski Sets

Whether you buy a Swarovski set for yourself or got it as a gift, you may be wondering how to style it. The first and most obvious approach is to wear all the pieces together in one look. This means that if you have a Swarovski necklace and earring set, then you wear the necklace and earrings together, either opting to add additional rings or bracelets that complement it or not. You can also break all the “rules” and wear the individual pieces separately with different looks and not together. That can be the case when you want more of a mismatched look instead of one that is evident you matched everything together. Whatever approach you decide to go for, Swarovski sets come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for everyday wear or for dressing up in the evening. 

Swarovski Set or Separate Pieces?

Torn between getting a set or separate pieces? Let’s understand which makes more sense for you. Swarovski set prices are often more cost-effective compared to purchasing several individual pieces since you can get a dazzling pair for under $200. That is quite a good price for a combination of several pieces of jewellery that you can also wear together in one look without thinking twice about matching items. However, if you don’t like any of the available sets, you can mix and match other items according to your taste and purchase them separately. If you looking for a gift, then a set is an ideal option since you won’t need to worry about if one piece of jewellery is enough for a present or not. The choice is ultimately up to you, and we’re here to make that choice as effortless as possible. 

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